Today, Thursday, October 22, 2020

Here is Proof – 40 Really IS the New 30!

Many people become depressed when they hit the big 4-0, but contary to popular belief, there's no real reason to fear age 40. As a matter of fact, most people today believe that 40 is the 'new 20'.  It is becoming accepted that a person of this age has fewer limitations with regards to health and lifestyle options than those of previous generations.  People are living longer lives and, with proper lifestyle changes, can be as healthy, fit and vital, not to mention youthful in appearance and physique, for many of these years.  .

40 is the new 20!
For those who think the world is over once they hit forty, they may want to take a second look. Age is truly just a number.  An increasing number of professional athletes are in their later thirties or forties, and they are either winning or ranking high in their profession. A popular example is Lance Armstrong, at 38, Lance continues to win bicycling competitions and placed third in the 2009 Tou de France after an absence of several years from competitive racing/training, as well as a number of relatively serious injuries.  

There are a growing number of actresses that are hitting the 40 mark and still maintaining the beauty they are known for. They are making a bigger name for themselves than they may have ever done at a younger age. These actresses are beating out some of the younger women for roles that they may not have gotten ten years ago.

Why  40 is the new 30? 
When most hit people hit 40 they are more in tune with who they are and what they want with life. This makes finding a career they love so much easier to do. They may have kids that are already grown and now they can focus on their own wants and desires. This is a great time for those turning forty to reevaluate their lives and determine where they want things to go from this point forward. 

40 is the new 30 because it's a great time to start making the plans that some have thought would never come. The vacation which they may have always wanted to take but couldn't, is now a possibility. Perhaps they wanted to move somewhere that they really loved, but couldn't for some reason or another. Forty is a great time to start working on the life that they may have always wanted.

Forty can be a new beginning and can be a great time for people to find out about who they really are. All they need is the ability to give it a try and not worry about the age that they are. They can do anything that they have wanted to but were unable to do for whatever reason. 40 really is the new 30 and many people can do more than they ever thought possible.

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